Revealed: What the Flashpoint?!

Revealed: What the Flashpoint?!

March 31 — April is “WTF” month at DC Comics, and the company is dressing all of its “New 52” books in fold-out gatefold covers for the month. What are all those much-discussed covers hiding? With the books due to hit stands next week, we’ve finally found out what “WTF” stands for: “What the Flashpoint”!

That’s right, each “New 52” issue DC is releasing this month will reference the blockbuster series that rebooted the DC Universe. Though this event was planned by Top Men at DC as more hype for the upcoming “Trinity War,” exactly how each book references Flashpoint was left to each individual creative team.

“[Flashpoint spin-off character] Pandora was presented to me with a certain set of parameters, yeah, but Jim [Lee], Dan [DiDio], and Geoff [Johns] were shockingly open to my interpretations of her,” said DC writer Ray Fawkes. “This was not a case of top-down dictation by any stretch.”

Most of the details for individual issues are still a secret, but inside sources at DC were overheard this weekend at WonderCon 2013 saying we should expect to see plenty of the mysterious Pandora and finally hear Booster Gold admit that he remembers the old DC Universe!

If you ask us, April can’t get here soon enough!