Keith Richards Insists He is Still Not Dead

Keith Richards Insists He is Still Not Dead

April 25 — Twitter has been no end of trouble lately. Earlier this week a fake tweet caused a brief stock market crash. Now it is killing off the Rolling Stones.

“April 24 Obit: Keith Richards” tweeted @stones4evah on April 24, 2013.

That simple tweet was intended to celebrate the release of Blackwater Productions new biographical comic, Orbit: Keith Richards released this week, but instead led to the accidental rumor of the death of the Rolling Stones’ ageless guitartist. What a difference a single letter makes!

“We kind of knew it was bound to happen,” Richards explained to in a scheduled interview about the Stones’ current “50 and Counting” tour. We think that’s a good attitude to have for someone of his age.

Hopefully Blackwater will be more careful with their titles in the future.