Geoff Johns leaving DC, Justice League rejoices

Geoff Johns leaving DC, <em>Justice League</em> rejoices

February 16 — It has been known for awhile that Geoff Johns would be departing as writer of DC Comics’ Green Lantern comics, but we just found out why: Johns is headed to Hollywood.

Sources report that Johns, known among DC insiders as DC’s “Miracle Man” because everything he touches sells out, has been tapped by Warner Brothers executives to take over creative control of the stalled Justice League movie and lend it his golden touch.

Asked about this rumour, Johns confirmed, “I felt like it was time to close my run and focus all my energies on the Justice League.”

Johns has reportedly already begun the arduous process of replacing Will Beall’s discarded script, described by sources as “unfilmable” and “a disaster.” Johns is already hard at work slimming down the project by killing off any remaining Justice Leaguer’s parents and placing the Flash at the center of the movie plot. Even working at super speed, it sounds like Johns and the Justice League will need a miracle if the movie is going to make theaters!