Comic-Con International to Change Name?

Comic-Con International to Change Name?

July 21 — Of all the big news to come out of Comic-Con International this weekend, the most surprising might be about the convention itself.

Multiple sources report plans for the con to rename itself “PopCulture-Con International” perhaps as soon as next year.

The New York Times put the question to Nickelodeon’s senior vice president of marketing, Franl Tanki. “It can be a jarring juxtaposition, but you kind of have to go with the flow.”

Hard-to please-comics fans have long grumbled that the world’s biggest comic convention has lost its focus. Rumors have persisted for years that the convention will be relocating to Los Angeles. But now that the writing may be on the wall, are we really ready for the convention to abandon its roots altogether?

We might not have any choice. It sure looks like Comic-Con will be listening to siren call of Hollywood’s Deep Throat and start following the money away from comics.