Booster Gold Movie Plot Leaked

Booster Gold Movie Plot Leaked

March 16 — Finally! This past week, someone leaked a copy of the long-rumored Booster Gold movie to As you can see, it's nothing like the comic.



As we first meet him in the future, Michael "Booster" Carter is an agent in the Time Enforcement Commission (T.E.C.). Booster's job is to police the time stream and ensure that no one goes back in time to change history.

Poor Booster's life isn't easy. He broods over the death of his wife, Trixie, and their unborn child. They were killed in a mysterious explosion some years ago. Booster's life only gets more complicated when his partner, Dan Garrett, goes rogue. Garrett has abused his privileges as a T.E.C. officer, and it is up to Booster to travel into the past and track him down.

Relying on his instincts, Booster eventually tracks Garrett to 1929 New York City, where he intends to profit on the Black Friday stock market crash. When confronted by Booster, Garrett claims that he was extorted into his crimes by Senator Henry Ballard, the powerful government official responsible for oversight of the T.E.C. Although Booster promises to protect Garrett from Ballard, Garrett commits suicide to ensure that Ballard won't alter history and destroy his family.

Interested in tracking down the truth about Ballard, Booster convinces his supervisor, Ted Kord, to allow him to travel back in time and investigate Ballard's activities. Kord assigns Booster a new partner, rookie Jaime Reyes, and together the pair travel to the 20th century.

Letting nothing stand in their way, Booster and Reyes track young Ballard to a warehouse where they find him in a contentious meeting with his partner, Dirk Davis. To everyone's surprise, the future version of Ballard arrives. Careful not to touch his younger self – whenever two time-displaced objects come into contact, like matter and anti-matter, they are mutually destroyed – he instructs his younger self how he will become rich and powerful.

Frightened by this encounter, Davis panics. The older Ballard kills Davis, and Booster moves in to make an arrest. He is betrayed by Reyes, who is also working for Ballard. In the end, both Ballards escape, and Reyes is critically wounded.

Only after Booster chases Ballard back to the future does he realize that he's failed to save history. Ballard is no longer a senator, but the President. The T.E.C. is being decommissioned, and Booster Carter is dead. Kord has no memory of the changes wrought to his timeline, and is reluctant to believe Booster's claims against Ballard. Booster is eventually able to convince Kord that they were once great friends, and Kord agrees to help Booster return to the past by stealing a T.E.C. time sphere for a one way trip back in time.

Once again in the 20th century and without any leads, Booster decides to visit his wife, Trixie, and warn her about the explosion that will kill her. Unfortunately, the older Ballard has gotten to Trixie first and is setting the bomb that will kill her. Knowing that his younger self will go on to be President, he doesn’t mind sacrificing himself if it will keep Carter out of his way.

Luckily, the older Ballard's plans are derailed when the younger Ballard arrives, having been summoned by Carter. After a brief scuffle, Carter tricks the two Ballards into touching, destroying both of them as well as the bomb.

Satisfied that time has been corrected, Booster returns to the future to find it better than it ever was before. Garret and Reyes are alive and well, and Ted Kord is still in charge of a fully-funded T.E.C. At the end of the day, Booster goes home to his wife and his grown son, Rip.



That sounds like a movie I would pay to see twice!