Batman and Spawn together again

Batman and Spawn together again

March 1 — Now that Robin is dead, Batman is on the prowl for a new sidekick. Who will be the next-to-die replacement? Signs point to Spawn!

Comic book fans have been waiting for a Batman/Spawn rematch since the pair first tangled in a couple of books back in 1994. Now, with Batman’s popularity at an all time high and looking for a new sidekick, it looks like fans’s wishes will finally be granted.

“Bringing Batman and Spawn together was a win-win for everyone,” said Dan DiDio, senior vice president and executive editor for DC Comics. “The chance to work with Todd and his team on creating this crossover is exciting for us, and I’m looking forward to seeing the final product, as I’m sure many fans are.”

“I will say that I didn’t want to take the usual road that’s been travelled when it comes to the ‘Batman needs a Robin’ angle,” reported Batman and Robin writer Peter Tomasi.

Whether or not you accept Spawn as a suitable replacement for Robin, Spawn does have one thing going for him: he’s already dead.